Imagine Islington

In 2016 I worked with Islington Museum as part of this exciting project!

Myself and two other artists Sarah Pimenta and Ella Phillips worked on this project.

we each had two primary schools to work with and the aim was to creatively use the museums collection and  working with the primary school children we created an artwork interpreting a chosen object, as well as helping to guide and support our school classes to create their own artwork in response to the chosen object.

please click on the HERE for more details and images on the project……

Samuel Rhodes School

medicines for different illnesses

sensory boxes made by the students


cast of my pregnant stomach (30 weeks) and an embroidery piece displaying a students drawing of me and my baby in utero.

Montem Primary School



lost bricks

plaster bricks filled with lost property objects from the school. The children wrote letters and scenarios for the objects and the children who had lost the objects these were also sunk into the bricks.


Museum of lost objects.

I created a museum of lost objects using the children sculptures of objects they remember loosing that meant something to them.



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