Bevin Court


In August 2015 I worked with Islington Museum to develop an education project in response to Bevin Court  an important architectural site and residential housing block in Islington. I devised 3 taster day creative workshops and ran a documentary film workshop for 6 participants. All work was exhibited in Islington museum.


Click on the image above to watch the documentary describing the project and following the process.


Architectural features


What a bunch of legends!

visit Islington museum website (link) to see the online exhibition of all work made by the participants.


Primary School Textile Project in response to Bevin Court 


With 2 primary schools based in Islington we explored the buildings history and the community intentions within the architecture. The students designed visual illustrations to represent their interpretations. They then used these illustrations to create individual prints which then got sewn together to create a collective collaborative artwork.

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